Living room inside a vacation rental home in Kansas City
Kansas City Local Business

Kansas City: The Underrated Gem for Vacation Rentals

Kansas City, often abbreviated as KC, sits at the junction of Missouri and Kansas. This vibrant city, known for its BBQ, jazz, and fountains, is frequently overlooked in discussions about vacation rentals. However, a closer examination reveals why Kansas City deserves attention from investors and vacation-goers alike. Economical Advantage Kansas City offers significant economic advantages […]

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first person pov of person holding remote towards tv with a football game on
Local Sports

Kansas City Sports Teams

Grab your foam fingers and wear your heart on your sleeve, because we’re about to embark on a whirlwind tour of Kansas City’s vibrant sports scene! This isn’t just a city – it’s a powerhouse of athletic prowess and passionate fandom. From the roaring stadiums of the NFL to the icy thrills of the ECHL, […]

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people riding red canoe boat
Local Guide

5 Best Spots for Canoeing and Rafting Near Kansas City

After a long and sometimes harsh winter, the rejuvenating warmth of spring has finally begun to embrace Kansas City. The budding trees, the chirping birds, and the energizing sunshine are all beckoning you outdoors. And what better way to answer that call than with a paddle in hand, immersed in the splendor of the great […]

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Alexander Majors, John Calvin McCoy, and mountain man James Bridger at Pioneer Square in Westport in Kansas City
Kansas City

John C. McCoy: The Founding Father of Kansas City, Missouri

When discussing the foundation of Kansas City, Missouri, one name stands out – John Calvin McCoy, a figure of immense importance, whose visionary efforts played a pivotal role in the establishment of the city. His undying spirit, foresight, and relentless dedication shaped a prosperous metropolis out of the wilderness, a testament to his legacy. So, […]

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Stunning view of the Power and Light District in Kansas City
Kansas City Local Guide

Unmasking Kansas City: 17 Fun Facts that Might Surprise You

Nestled in the heart of America, Kansas City is a beautiful amalgamation of old-world charm and modern innovation, resplendent with a history that is as colorful as its present. Its unique geographical location, being split across two states – Kansas and Missouri, sets the stage for a plethora of interesting facts and surprises.  Although it’s […]

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The John Wornall House exterior of historic mansion in Kansas City
Local Guide

Exploring the Iconic Mansions of Kansas City, Missouri’s History

Kansas City, known for its jazz, barbecue, and fountains, is also a treasure trove of architectural marvels, each boasting a fascinating tale. Among these, the city’s historic mansions stand with a unique grandeur, whispering stories of the past while adding an air of elegance to the city’s skyline. These majestic mansions, once the homes of […]

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President Truman from Kansas City
Kansas City

10 Famous People You Didn’t Know Were From Kansas City

Kansas City, the heartland’s hidden gem, home to world-class barbecue, infectious jazz rhythms, and, of course, the illustrious Kansas City Chiefs. But did you know that this Midwestern metropolis has been the breeding ground for some of the world’s most renowned talents? That’s right! You might be indulging in Kansas City’s succulent burnt ends sitting […]

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The Kaw Point overlook toward Kansas City, Missouri
Kansas City

Top Inventions You Didn’t Originated in Kansas City

Get ready to have your mind blown as we embark on a thrilling journey through the fascinating world of Kansas City’s hidden origins. Beyond the iconic landmarks and bustling streets lies a treasure trove of surprises, where everything from beloved cartoons to mouthwatering foods and groundbreaking companies first took flight.  In today’s article, we’re going […]

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