Science City at Union Station is a hands-on science museum in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri. With more than 50 interactive exhibits, it offers visitors of all ages the opportunity to explore the wonders of science and technology in a fun and engaging way.

History of Science City at Union Station

Science City is housed in the historic Union Station, a majestic Beaux-Arts building that was once one of the busiest train stations in the country. The building, which opened in 1914, served as a hub for rail travel until the 1980s when it fell into disrepair.

In 1996, a $250 million restoration project was launched to revive the building and turn it into a destination for culture, education, and entertainment. As part of this effort, Science City was created and opened its doors in 1999.

Exhibits and Attractions

Science City is divided into five different areas, each with a different theme: Simple Machines, Genetics, Energy, Future, and Life Science. Each section features interactive exhibits that allow visitors to learn about science in a hands-on way.

One of the most popular exhibits at Science City is the Maker Studio, where visitors can use tools and materials to design and create their own inventions. The studio features 3D printers, laser cutters, and other tools that allow visitors to turn their ideas into reality.

Another popular exhibit is the Sky Bike, which allows visitors to ride a bike high above the exhibit floor, simulating the experience of riding a bike in the sky. Visitors can also explore the human body through the “Every Last Drop” exhibit, which demonstrates the importance of hydration for human health.

Science City also features a planetarium, which offers shows on a regular basis. Visitors can explore the mysteries of the universe and learn about the latest discoveries in astronomy.

Learning Opportunities

Science City provides numerous learning opportunities for visitors of all ages. The museum hosts a range of educational programs and workshops, including Science City Sleepovers, where participants can spend the night in the museum and engage in hands-on activities and experiments.

In addition, Science City offers field trips for school groups, homeschool families, and other educational organizations. The programs are designed to meet specific curriculum goals and allow students to explore science and technology in a fun and interactive way.

Science City also offers a range of workshops and classes for adults, including workshops on programming, robotics, and digital fabrication. These classes are designed to help adults learn new skills and stay up-to-date with the latest advances in technology.


Science City at Union Station is a unique and engaging attraction in Kansas City that offers visitors of all ages the opportunity to explore the wonders of science and technology in a fun and interactive way. The museum’s interactive exhibits, learning opportunities, and unique features, such as the Maker Studio and the Sky Bike, make it a must-visit attraction for anyone interested in science and technology.

Whether you are a student, a teacher, or simply a science enthusiast, Science City at Union Station is a great place to explore, learn, and have fun. With its diverse exhibits and programs, it is sure to inspire curiosity and wonder in visitors of all ages.

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