Minecraft, the popular online game, has become more than just a game for Travis Hicks. Hicks, a Kansas City resident, has spent the past nine months creating a virtual version of his city in the Minecraft world. He has been using Google Maps to get a closer look at buildings and to help him recreate them in the game.

“I’ve always had a fascination for architecture and living in Kansas City,” Hicks said.

Official Video Tour of Kansas City recreated in Minecraft

“The possibilities are endless.”

Travis Hicks (source: KMBC News)

His attention to detail has already earned him a lot of attention online, with many of his videos going viral. One of his most popular creations so far is a virtual Union Station.

Creating just one building can take a full day, and he estimates that he has completed 60-70 percent of the downtown area. He plans to keep going until he finishes recreating the entire city.

“Eventually, I’m going to get through The Plaza area,” he said.

To learn more about Hicks’ project and to see his videos, visit the Facebook page Kansas City Minecrafters. You can also visit the official project page on PlanetMinecraft to see screenshots of Kansas City in Minecraft.


  • Travis Hicks

    Thank you for publishing the article here. I am the creator of the Minecraft Kansas City build.

    I would appreciate if there is any additional feedback you may want to leave. I am interested in pursuing a career possibly related to my hobby.



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