Lulu's Thai Noodle Shop - Crossroads

Lulu's Thai Noodle Shop - Crossroads

Lulu’s Thai Noodle Shop in Kansas City is a popular restaurant known for its authentic Thai flavors and perfected recipes. The menu includes an extensive list of options, ranging from soups and salads to street food, signature wok dishes, and custom wok dishes.

The restaurant’s Lulu’s Sampler is a must-try for starters, featuring Vietnamese spring rolls, crab rangoons, pork dumplings, and veggie dumplings with dipping sauces. Another popular appetizer is the Thai Hot Wings, which come tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce. Vegetarians can try Lulu’s Rolls or Vietnamese Spring Rolls that are served with peanut sauce.

The menu features a wide range of soups and salads, including Egg Flower Soup, Tom Kha Gai Soup, Tom Yum Soup, and Lulu’s House Salad with ginger peanut, sesame balsamic, or chili garlic vinaigrette dressing.

Pad Thai is a customer favorite and is available with chicken or tofu, along with scallions, bean sprouts, egg, peanuts, tofu, and rice noodles in a special sauce. For a low-carb option, green cabbage can be substituted for noodles.

Signature Wok Dishes like Spicy Beef Jantaboon, Curried Coconut Shrimp & Chicken, Pineapple Shrimp Fried Rice, Thai Cashew Chicken, Pepper Basil Beef, and Crab Fried Rice are also available. Customers can choose from chicken or pork, tofu, steak, shrimp, or impossible plant-based protein.

Custom Wok Dishes like Whans Se Eu Pak, Rainbow Peanut Noodles, Basil Fried Rice, and Pad Se Eu are prepared with a choice of protein or as listed. For a low-carb option, Chinese broccoli can be substituted for noodles.

The restaurant recommends medium spice level for most dishes, but customers can choose their preferred spice level when ordering. Lulu’s Thai Noodle Shop also offers happy hour/lunch specials and catering menu.

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